Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My little boy is growing up!!! sniff...sniff...

Hampton is such a big boy now, that I had to post some pictures I've taken of him in the last couple of days. He loves his swing that Mamaw got him for Christmas. And check out the view he has when he swings! What's not to love?! I want to go back and find an infant picture of him in his crib so we can see a side-by-side comparison of how much he's grown. I remember, though. He used to be so tiny all swaddled up in a blanket. Now, he sprawls out and almost takes up the whole bed! We tried his little Bass Pro Shop folding chair again this week, and he can finally sit in it. It is still a bit big for him, so he slouches, but he had fun sitting in it, pushing it around the room, and folding and unfolding it over and over again.
He is SO MUCH FUN! I never dreamed I could love someone so deeply. I love my husband, my parents, my brother, my extended family and in-laws, and my friends; but the love you have for your child is just something special. It's a truly sacrificial kind of love, and it's taken me to a whole new level. He is amazing. His personality is becoming more evident. He is so sweet. He loves to give kisses and smile! He is walking everywhere now. His favorite thing to do is walk laps around the church after services. He is doing much better in the nursery too.
One quick funny story...we went out with some friends to Wendy's after church Sunday night, and their 5 year old son was asking me what words Hampton can say. So I told him his few-word vocabulary - mama, dada, uh-oh, no, hey, etc. I forget what happened to prompt this, but Hampton pitched a little fit about something, and I told him (as I VERY often do), "Hampton, watch your attitude." He responded very clearly with "aa-tude." The table erupted in laughter! I was amazed. Then he said it again! So, as you can see - either he's heard that so much that this is now part of his permanent vocabulary, or he was just mimicking me, which he really has started doing. It was TOO FUNNY! To repeat a phrase my parents always told me, he's "getting too big for his own britches"! HAHA!
Oh well. Enough narrative. Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed reminiscing! Parenthood...what a ride!


  1. He is getting sooo big. The first picture of his face he looks so grown. Can I come swing in your backyard? I would probably take a pretty good nap.

  2. So sweet! I want to swing too...