Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's a girls night!!

My good friend Becky Evers is moving back to Georgia in about a week. I am SO sad about this because she and I are best buds! the Lord truly sent her to me. We are very close - like sisters. She and I joke that it takes both of us to make a whole person...definitely a whole brain! We are each other's sanity sometimes!! She is such a wonderful friend. I told her I absolutely refuse to accept the fact that she's leaving until she actually pulls away in her car. With this in mind, I had a girls' get-together last night. But is was NOT a going-away party! (Remember, I'm not acknowledging that she's leaving yet!) No really, we had a blast hanging out together. There were several of our girlfriends who couldn't come for one reason or another, but the list that was there was (in the group shot from left to right) Mayleen, Angela, Kelly (top), Jennifer, Lynda, Becky (top), Tami, Me & Hampton, Tara, and Natalie (not pictured as she had to leave before we decided to take a picture). Of course we had to do a silly picture too (after much sugar and caffeine).

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  1. We still havent acknowledged the fact that you have left. By the way, we have bunko tonignt... wanna come?