Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lots of updates...

I posted three new blog entries below (playing catch up!), so be sure to scroll down to see them all.

Company Picnic and Halloween

Merrill Lynch hosted a family company picnic on Saturday, October 30th. It was a lot of fun! They had some awesome bounce houses which Hampton loved playing in, lots of food, balloon-making clowns, lots of fun music, etc. We wore matching T-shirts that day, so we had a friend take a family picture of us. It was a very fun day!
Of course, the next day was Halloween. After church Sunday evening, we went to a friend's house (the Nunezes) and took the kids out trick-or-treating. Hampton was a "Surfer Dude." There were lots of kids there, but I only posted one picture of Hampton with his buddy Eli. It was a lot of fun!

Hampton is THREEEEEE!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Hampton had a great birthday this year! He had a "Star Wars" birthday party at the park, and it was a blast. So many of his friends from church came. They had a great time playing at the playground and enjoying some cake and snacks afterwards. Of course, I made things interesting by forgetting the forks!! Lots of kids were covered in blue cake icing, as you can imagine! Oh well...

When Hampton woke up, I took his picture, and tried to get him to hold up 3 fingers, but he couldn't understand what to do. The picture resulted in his holding up his fists! Too cute!
His big present from Mommy and Daddy was a bicycle! It has training wheels on it, and it's perfect for him. He was a little afraid the first day to ride it, but once he rode it the first time, he was hooked!! I had to buy him a new helmet because he had already outgrown his other one (big head!). Of course, he got tons of other presents - so many that we spread them out for about 3 days of opening! He has great friends. Now, we are going to sort through his older toys and have a lesson in donating.

Anyway, on to the pictures...

Wannado City...

...where a kid can do what they wanna do!

A couple of weeks ago, I took Hampton to Wannado City. This was our second trip. We LOVE Wannado City! We invited Hampton's friend Gavin, his mommy Ms. Abby, and his baby brother Blake to come along with us. They had never been and loved it too! Wannado City is really something that you have to's hard to explain, but it's awesome! Kids can participate in different career fields and earn "wongas" (money). It's literally like a real city built especially for children. There is a fire station, dentist, bank, courthouse, beauty salon, bakery, carnival, city bus system, circus, archaelogical dig site, airport, etc. The kids can "work" and play at all of these places. Anyway, here are some pictures from our day.

Hampton and Gavin waiting to be an airline pilot for Spirit Airlines.
Hampton and Gavin waiting to be a baker and bake their own chocolate chip cookie!

The carousel!

Hampton shopping in Publix. He always shops strictly for produce!

Hampton and Gavin on the Ferris Wheel (they're in the top right car).