Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More Beach Pictures

We were able to go out onto the beach one more time. Here are some more pictures we took on the second trip out...

Monday, September 29, 2008

Hampton's First Beach Trip

Well, even though we live at the beach, we have never taken Hampton TO the beach. So here we are on vacation in Marco Island, FL. It's off the west coast of Florida on the Gulf side. Until today, it has been cloudy and rainy! You'll notice Hampton playing on his swim float inside in a picture below. We went to the beach this morning anyway, in spite of the fog and clouds. I put Hampton's feet in the surf, but the waves (tiny waves) scared him. So he sat on the beach with Daddy while I picked up some beautiful shells. I want to make a shadow box frame with them and put his picture inside.

We're enjoying our time together as a family! We've shared some great meals and enjoyed just hanging out and relaxing together. We are sitting outside a Starbuck's now, borrowing their Internet service...and enjoying a frappucino also, of course!

We will go back home tomorrow. I am posting some pictures that we've taken. It's beautiful here. The gulf has been as smooth as glass, and we watched dolphins play in the surf this morning. Peaceful. Serene. Good to get away.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

RIP Hippity Hoppity

I am sad to report that we have lost yet another toy...our favorite...Hippity Hoppity went to toy heaven (which means he's probably in the hands of some other kid!) today while we were shopping at JCPenney's. He sailed overboard from the stroller on numerous occasions and was rescued; however, on one not-so-fortunate ejection, he was not recovered. After a brief Search and Rescue effort, it was finally determined that Hippity Hoppity had moved on to bigger and better things...sniff. sniff. Really, we'll miss him.

The Hair Experiment

I admit...this is total and complete exploitation. BUT...it was SO fun! Bath time just lends itself to playing with different hair styles. Here are the photos...

Mohawk-Punk Look


Finger-in-a-Light-Socket Look

and finally (my personal favorite)...

Alfalfa Look

Monday, September 22, 2008

Little Drummer Boy

Hampton LOVES to drum and hammer on things! The louder it is, the more he likes it. Tonight, I let him play with some bowls and a wooden spoon, and he had a BLAST! He almost broke the spoon several times (he doesn't have a gentle bone in his little body!).

He is learning the meaning of "no-no" more every day. He hears it a lot! Mostly when he is getting into the dog's food or water bowls, hammering the metal clip on Lexie's leash against our GLASS door (yeah!), and opening drawers and doors on the entertainment center. Oh, or opening the trash cabinet! See, he's a busy guy.

We're planning a weekend getaway to the beach at Naples this weekend, so look for pictures from the trip next week.

Here is a picture from tonight's kitchen activity.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

"Personal Pool Party" by Hampton Usher

Guess what? I went swimming TWICE today! My friends Mrs. Becky, Hannah and Aubrey came over today, and I went swimming with them. Mommy was inside doing boring things like organizing my clothes and doing laundry. She said she was so happy to get it done. Why wasn't she swimming? I don't understand...Oh well.

THEN, tonight when Mommy was getting dinner ready, she put it in the oven and Daddy, Mommy and I went swimming again! I splashed and kicked so much! It was so much fun. Mommy went in and got the camera and took our picture. In one of the pictures, I was pointing to an airplane that I heard, but we couldn't see.

Mommy wasn't in the pictures. I guess she didn't want anyone seeing her in her swimsuit...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hampton loves to explore!

Hampton is crawling EVERYWHERE! He is getting into EVERYTHING! This morning, it was the dog food...don't worry...I caught him before he...you know. He was crawling under the kitchen chairs, under his bouncy seat, and yes, he's discovered the stairs. I'm planning to put up the gate today! He certainly keeps his mommy busy - that's for sure! He is such a big boy that he doesn't want to be held much because there are things to do and places to go! He never meets a stranger either. If we're eating out, he always finds some new friend to share smiles. His new thing is that he points at everything. He doesn't just point with his index finger either; he points using the "I love you" sign. It's so cute! He knows how to point out airplanes and birds in the sky. I think he is very close to actually saying "bird" because when he points, something like "bruugh" comes out! Isn't he BRILLIANT?!? :-)

Watching him learn and observe other people is the coolest thing ever! He loves to copy what you do. Now, if I can only teach him to blow his nose...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Up from my nap & Movin' about!!

Good morning! Hampton just got up from his nap. He is such a big boy now that when I go in to get him, he is STANDING in his crib! He has a new look to his room, thanks to his MawMaw! When she came for Labor Day week, she painted a mural on his nursery walls! We love it. He now has a monkey/palm tree theme in his room and bathroom. Check out the photos...
Even as I type this, Hampton is gliding along the ottoman for the FIRST time. He has been pulling up on furniture, but he hasn't realized until today that he can move his feet and go places...I'm in trouble. If I thought his crawling kept me busy, this is only the beginning!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Welcome to our blog!

OK, I promised I would give credit to Pastor Spargo as the person who suggested I create this blog to keep people updated on our lives, so THANK YOU Pastor Spargo! I must also mention Lindsay Mims, considering that she has been hounding me for MONTHS to set up a baby site for Hampton. Combining these two, I NOW HAVE A BLOG! (Also thanks to Jonathan and Stephanie for inspiring me with your wonderful site and great pictures of Adison!)

The key for me will be actually making regular posts. If I know I have an audience out there depending on me, I'll do better. Of course, family and friends that we miss so badly are the reason I created this.

So here we go...I'll start with posting some recent pictures. I know I have lots of catching up to do, so bear with me...


Love to all,
Adrienne (for the 3 of us)

I LOVE swinging at Vista Park!!! My mommy takes me there with my friends Aubrey and Hanna. Her friend Mrs. Becky comes along too, and we always have so much fun. The best trip of all was when my MawMaw and PawPaw took me!!! They loved pushing me on the swing. It was so relaxing and fun for me that almost went to sleep...OOPS!