Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Hampton dressed up like a turtle tonight, and we walked around (Hampton rode!) with some of our neighbors. Of course, we did not participate in the trick-or-treating, but we enjoyed the walk. Hampton was very tired & needed to go to bed early tonight. Mommy & Daddy were too.

I'm a Big Kid Now!

Hampton has had a big week since his birthday on Tuesday. He has had so much fun playing with his toys. As you can see, our living room is beginning to look like a day care center, so we're trying to come up with another plan to store toys! Not that we mind toys in the living room (because that's where we spend our time during the day), but sometimes it's hard to walk without tripping! He got to use his new car seat on his birthday. He loves being able to face forward and see what's going on. He looks so big in his seat. I looked back once, and he was drinking from his sippy cup in one hand and had his ball in the other!
We went to downtown Ft. Lauderdale yesterday to have lunch with Daddy. We had lunch at The Samba Room. It was so nice that we sat outside to eat. Hampton loved it. He tried french fries for the first time, and (no surprise) he loved them - what have I started? We then went up to Daddy's office, and Hampton enjoyed sitting in his chair and crawling around trying to find something to get into. We didn't stay too long because it was too hard to keep him quiet and out of trouble.
We have a big day ahead of us. Daddy took the day off, so we're getting Hampton's one year portraits done, and we're taking family portraits too. Tonight, Hampton will be dressed as a TURTLE for Halloween, and we're going to our church's Fall Festival. We'll take lots of pictures, so stay tuned...

Monday, October 27, 2008

One Cool Dude.

This morning, Hampton and I went for a walk with his new red wagon he got for his birthday this weekend. He loves it. I was finally able to get him to see the benefit of wearing sunglasses! It was so bright outside, so he actually kept them on. This was a first! He was still in his PJ's too, so that made it even cuter. When we got back, it was time to eat breakfast, and he kept them on while he ate most of his breakfast! It was so cute. So maybe now, he'll wear them when the sun is in his eyes...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

First Birthday Party

We had Hampton's first birthday party yesterday. It was so much fun! He was pretty cautious about eating his birthday cake. He mostly just smeared icing on his face. I finally cut the cake so he could actually get into the cake itself. He really had fun opening his presents. Well, the children at the party opened them for him, but he loved playing with them. Although, I felt like the worst mom ever because I bumped his head on a box while opening it. He got a red wagon from his MawMaw & PawPaw in Montgomery, and when I was buckling him in it, I clipped his skin from his belly into the clip. I really felt horrible!! Poor guy! He has a little bruise this morning, but I think he'll be fine. He played and played all day, so I guess he forgot about it.

I can't believe my little guy is one! WOW! Time sure flies. He'll be walking very soon, I'm sure. He's standing and walking behind toys and holding onto furniture but still not walking on his own. That will come soon enough. Until then, I'm enjoying the last bit of his crawling days before he grows up and gains a little more independence from his mommy...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Grandparents' Visit!

My Nana & PawPaw are here for a visit from North Florida. MaMaw and Tobie also came too! They got here yesterday, and we have had so much fun since they got here! Yesterday, we just stayed around the house and walked around the back yard. I had so much fun sitting on the patio and picking grass and pointing at airplanes!
Today while PawPaw and Daddy watched football, Nana, Mommy, MaMaw, and I went shopping. I got some COOL birthday gifts (but I can't tell you what they are yet!) and some new PJ's. Then, Mommy & Nana went to Publix and I got a BALLOON!!! I loved it so much that I didn't even want them to take it so they could pay for it! I played and played with it. I tried my best to pop it...oh well, maybe tomorrow!!
We had a great dinner - baby back ribs, grilled chicken, roasted corn, sauteed veggies, and key lime pie. Well, I ALMOST tried some sauteed squash. I ended up eating lots of Cheerios and some baby food from a jar. I was SO tired that I didn't even finish my bottle before bed. I just couldn't stay awake...oh well, maybe tomorrow!!
Can't wait to get dressed up for church tomorrow! More later...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hampton & Elmo!

This picture was taken at Chase Ortiz's (our next door neighbor) 2nd birthday party. It was the COOLEST party ever! Elmo came to the party to play games with the kids and dance with them! Hampton wasn't afraid of him, but he wasn't so sure...


Since Hampton is into everything these days, I spend most of my day chasing him and trying to keep him out of things that he can either break or will hurt him. I thought the "baby-proofing" thing would be easy, but it's one of those things you have to just do all along the way as you notice things that are problems. Of course, we've covered outlets and latched cabinets that have dangerous items in them. But, we're seeing that an avalanche of pots and pans may be dangerous too! So we're going to have to latch ALL cabinets, I'm afraid.

As you can see, I put up a baby gate in the doorway from our kitchen to our dining room. My plan is to contain him in the living room and kitchen areas, and keep him out of the area that contains the stairs and other things he needs to stay away from. I need to pick up one more baby gate, and I'll have that taken care of. Then it will be time for him to discover something else!

We have had a GREAT day today! Hampton took a wonderfully-long nap this morning, so I was able to get so many things accomplished. We are looking forward to a visit from Nana and PawPaw, MaMaw & Tobie (the Daschund - sp?) this week. They will be here on Friday and will be staying until the 26th. We're having Hampton's FIRST BIRTHDAY party on Saturday, October 25th, so stay tuned for pictures from this week! He will be one on the 28th. I can't believe it!
OK, enough narrative (right, Pastor Spargo?...turkey!).

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mommy & Daddy's Handsome Boy!

Look at my new outfit! Don't I look sharp in my new pants, shoes, sweater vest, shirt & tie? You can barely see my tie because my vest is a little big. I wore this to church this morning! Mommy and Daddy says I'm the "most handsomest" boy ever! Mommy even put hairspray on my hair to keep it looking nice (it lasted a few minutes, anyway).

These clothes are a little hot for South Florida, but they'll be perfect to take to Alabama when I go there next month! Mommy's trying to hurry autumn along by wearing fall clothes too!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

These Shoes are Made for Walkin', Look at My Hat, and Bad Hair Day

Hampton was full of personality the last couple of days!

We bought him his first pair of official "walking" shoes since he'll be learning to walk soon. Aren't they cute? We bought these and a black leather pair that he can wear to church. He is so cute in them! He's not used to wearing shoes though. It's too hot in South Florida!

Also, he NEVER will leave a hat on his head, but for some reason, he played in his beach hat for about 5 minutes yesterday. Here, he is trying to give Lexie a collar he found in her...I mean...HIS basket of dog toys!

When he woke up from his nap today, I had to take his picture. This beat all of his bad hair days by far! But even if his hair is messed up, it's still the cutest head in the world!! He is so precious!

Misc. Happenings

I guess this is a miscellaneous blog because I have a couple of unrelated pictures to post. One is a shot of all of us at the CNN interview supporting Sarah Palin. We were not able to stay on the set long because Hampton decided he wanted to "talk" too, but overall, the interview went well. It aired tonight. Hampton and I got a total of 2 seconds air time. Oh well.

Another picture worthy of posting is the absolutely beautiful sunset we had last night. It was magnificient! In spite of all of the shortfalls of living here, we live in a truly beautiful part of the country, that's for sure!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Busy Day Today!

We have had a FULL-filling day today! It has been tiring but lots of fun. I had an amazing opportunity this morning to participate in a CNN interview in support of Vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin. My new friend, Tami Nantz, has a blog (, and it recently received media attention from the Sun-Sentinel, our main local newspaper. This caught the eye of CNN, so they scheduled an interview with her and asked her to have several friends present. I went and took Hampton, which turned out to be not so good because we had to leave the set as he babbled through most of the questions. We were in some early shots, although they may be edited out. The piece is set to air Wednesday night on Anderson Cooper 360 - I believe at 9:00 pm EST.

After that, we had lunch out with some friends, and I brought an exhausted Hampton home. He didn't really get a nap, so he got into a lot more trouble tonight than usual! Poor fella. He played hard though. I'll post some pictures of his explorations.

Last night, Clint and I installed cabinet locks on his "favorite" cabinets (the ones with the trash and the dangerous chemicals!), so tonight he was disappointed to find that he couldn't open them. You'll see he had his paci in his mouth like a man on a mission...doesn't he look like a carpenter with a pencil in his mouth or something? I'm not sure why he had it that way! Also, because Clint was studying tonight in his office for an upcoming test, I closed his door. Hampton loves to crawl in there too. Hampton crawled over and was lying on his belly wiggling his little fingers under Daddy's door. When Clint saw this, he came over and put his fingers under the door too. They played for a few minutes, so I ran to get the camera. It was too cute. Hampton laughed and had a lot of fun!

He went to bed early tonight after his nice warm bath. It won't be long before Mommy hits the sack too. I feel like I have a little cold coming on or something...ugh. Maybe it's nothing. Oh well, here are the pictures...enjoy!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Just some thoughts...

No pictures to post tonight, although I should've taken a picture of Hampton's first little sunburn. It really isn't bad at all, but he has a little pink face from sitting outside today (and we were in the shade). He is not in any pain, thankfully!

So Clint and I have been talking a lot about discipline lately. Wow, is it ever hard to know what to do with this topic. Hampton is starting to express himself a lot lately and is exploring everything all the time. This gets him into things he shouldn't be exploring sometimes.

I have to say, first of all, that we are SO grateful to our Lord - the Father and Creator of all and Giver of every good and perfect gift (like our little Hampton) - that Hampton is a healthy, normal baby. So this adventurous spirit of exploration and the new desire to test our limits as parents is all normal. There are many babies with developmental problems and disabilities that keep them from going through this phase, so again, I'm not complaining at all!

With that said, we are still trying to find that balance of discipline methods. I mean, he is only 11 months old, but there are undesirable behaviors already manifesting themselves that we cannot ignore. When we tell him "no" if he is doing something unsafe, for example, we are doing that for his protection. If he really wants to do that particular thing, he really gets a bad attitude and kicks and screams. You cannot let that go unpunished, right?

Even as I write this, I had to take a break. He is in bed now, but I heard him crying histerically upstairs. Yet another example of a decision...let him cry it out, or go in and console him? He sounded very afraid, so this time, I went in and held him until he fell asleep again. See, the dilemma continues.

I have tears in my eyes also as I write because of the overwhelming love I have for that baby. It's a love only God can give because it's just too big and too unexplainable! When he laid his little head on my shoulder and snubbed from crying so hard, he instantly relaxed and fell asleep again. Isn't that how we are with God when He wraps us in His arms as we feel His presence in our lives? We let out a long, quiet "ahhhh" as we lay our head on His strong shoulder as He cradles our head in His hand.

So, I still have no conclusion on discipline except this - I know I will try my very best to do whatever it takes to protect him from what will hurt him, teach him all about a Father who loves him, and let him figure out on his own that his mommy and daddy love him more than he can ever understand...until he has a child of his own.

Dr. Jeffrey Simon, our pediatrician in Montgomery, told me that the reason we have children is to draw us closer to Jesus. It's true. I must stay on my knees.

Oops...He's crying again...