Saturday, October 18, 2008

Grandparents' Visit!

My Nana & PawPaw are here for a visit from North Florida. MaMaw and Tobie also came too! They got here yesterday, and we have had so much fun since they got here! Yesterday, we just stayed around the house and walked around the back yard. I had so much fun sitting on the patio and picking grass and pointing at airplanes!
Today while PawPaw and Daddy watched football, Nana, Mommy, MaMaw, and I went shopping. I got some COOL birthday gifts (but I can't tell you what they are yet!) and some new PJ's. Then, Mommy & Nana went to Publix and I got a BALLOON!!! I loved it so much that I didn't even want them to take it so they could pay for it! I played and played with it. I tried my best to pop it...oh well, maybe tomorrow!!
We had a great dinner - baby back ribs, grilled chicken, roasted corn, sauteed veggies, and key lime pie. Well, I ALMOST tried some sauteed squash. I ended up eating lots of Cheerios and some baby food from a jar. I was SO tired that I didn't even finish my bottle before bed. I just couldn't stay awake...oh well, maybe tomorrow!!
Can't wait to get dressed up for church tomorrow! More later...

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