Monday, October 6, 2008

Busy Day Today!

We have had a FULL-filling day today! It has been tiring but lots of fun. I had an amazing opportunity this morning to participate in a CNN interview in support of Vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin. My new friend, Tami Nantz, has a blog (, and it recently received media attention from the Sun-Sentinel, our main local newspaper. This caught the eye of CNN, so they scheduled an interview with her and asked her to have several friends present. I went and took Hampton, which turned out to be not so good because we had to leave the set as he babbled through most of the questions. We were in some early shots, although they may be edited out. The piece is set to air Wednesday night on Anderson Cooper 360 - I believe at 9:00 pm EST.

After that, we had lunch out with some friends, and I brought an exhausted Hampton home. He didn't really get a nap, so he got into a lot more trouble tonight than usual! Poor fella. He played hard though. I'll post some pictures of his explorations.

Last night, Clint and I installed cabinet locks on his "favorite" cabinets (the ones with the trash and the dangerous chemicals!), so tonight he was disappointed to find that he couldn't open them. You'll see he had his paci in his mouth like a man on a mission...doesn't he look like a carpenter with a pencil in his mouth or something? I'm not sure why he had it that way! Also, because Clint was studying tonight in his office for an upcoming test, I closed his door. Hampton loves to crawl in there too. Hampton crawled over and was lying on his belly wiggling his little fingers under Daddy's door. When Clint saw this, he came over and put his fingers under the door too. They played for a few minutes, so I ran to get the camera. It was too cute. Hampton laughed and had a lot of fun!

He went to bed early tonight after his nice warm bath. It won't be long before Mommy hits the sack too. I feel like I have a little cold coming on or something...ugh. Maybe it's nothing. Oh well, here are the pictures...enjoy!

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  1. Hey girlie!!! SO glad you came the other day, and I am sorry they didn't keep you in on things more. I have no problem with babies...after all, we're all mommies here! Anyway, they changed things a bit. I have no idea if that is good or bad but we are on in the prime time spot, so that has to be good, right?? (cringe!)
    We are on at 8PM tomorrow, Thursday, Oct. 9, at 8PM (EST).
    Again, thanks for did great, and I am so glad we met!