Sunday, September 14, 2008

Welcome to our blog!

OK, I promised I would give credit to Pastor Spargo as the person who suggested I create this blog to keep people updated on our lives, so THANK YOU Pastor Spargo! I must also mention Lindsay Mims, considering that she has been hounding me for MONTHS to set up a baby site for Hampton. Combining these two, I NOW HAVE A BLOG! (Also thanks to Jonathan and Stephanie for inspiring me with your wonderful site and great pictures of Adison!)

The key for me will be actually making regular posts. If I know I have an audience out there depending on me, I'll do better. Of course, family and friends that we miss so badly are the reason I created this.

So here we go...I'll start with posting some recent pictures. I know I have lots of catching up to do, so bear with me...


Love to all,
Adrienne (for the 3 of us)

I LOVE swinging at Vista Park!!! My mommy takes me there with my friends Aubrey and Hanna. Her friend Mrs. Becky comes along too, and we always have so much fun. The best trip of all was when my MawMaw and PawPaw took me!!! They loved pushing me on the swing. It was so relaxing and fun for me that almost went to sleep...OOPS!

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  1. OOH, I get to post the first comment, let's see, what should I say? Uh, yes, your far away family will love this and I'll go get Aunt Doris so she can see Hampton. LOVE the Alabama attire - Roll Tide Hampton!! Love to you all! Kathy