Monday, September 22, 2008

Little Drummer Boy

Hampton LOVES to drum and hammer on things! The louder it is, the more he likes it. Tonight, I let him play with some bowls and a wooden spoon, and he had a BLAST! He almost broke the spoon several times (he doesn't have a gentle bone in his little body!).

He is learning the meaning of "no-no" more every day. He hears it a lot! Mostly when he is getting into the dog's food or water bowls, hammering the metal clip on Lexie's leash against our GLASS door (yeah!), and opening drawers and doors on the entertainment center. Oh, or opening the trash cabinet! See, he's a busy guy.

We're planning a weekend getaway to the beach at Naples this weekend, so look for pictures from the trip next week.

Here is a picture from tonight's kitchen activity.

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