Saturday, September 20, 2008

"Personal Pool Party" by Hampton Usher

Guess what? I went swimming TWICE today! My friends Mrs. Becky, Hannah and Aubrey came over today, and I went swimming with them. Mommy was inside doing boring things like organizing my clothes and doing laundry. She said she was so happy to get it done. Why wasn't she swimming? I don't understand...Oh well.

THEN, tonight when Mommy was getting dinner ready, she put it in the oven and Daddy, Mommy and I went swimming again! I splashed and kicked so much! It was so much fun. Mommy went in and got the camera and took our picture. In one of the pictures, I was pointing to an airplane that I heard, but we couldn't see.

Mommy wasn't in the pictures. I guess she didn't want anyone seeing her in her swimsuit...

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