Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hampton loves to explore!

Hampton is crawling EVERYWHERE! He is getting into EVERYTHING! This morning, it was the dog food...don't worry...I caught him before know. He was crawling under the kitchen chairs, under his bouncy seat, and yes, he's discovered the stairs. I'm planning to put up the gate today! He certainly keeps his mommy busy - that's for sure! He is such a big boy that he doesn't want to be held much because there are things to do and places to go! He never meets a stranger either. If we're eating out, he always finds some new friend to share smiles. His new thing is that he points at everything. He doesn't just point with his index finger either; he points using the "I love you" sign. It's so cute! He knows how to point out airplanes and birds in the sky. I think he is very close to actually saying "bird" because when he points, something like "bruugh" comes out! Isn't he BRILLIANT?!? :-)

Watching him learn and observe other people is the coolest thing ever! He loves to copy what you do. Now, if I can only teach him to blow his nose...

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