Friday, August 21, 2009

Summertime Fun

We have been so blessed with great friends here in South Florida! I have lots of "mommy" friends, so Hampton has lots of friends to play with. Just today, all that was on my agenda was grocery shopping, and the Lord blessed me with the chance to meet my friend Shannon for breakfast and we shopped together! We've been able to do several fun outings recently. On Wednesday, we went to Hollywood Beach and played in a splash park before going to the beach. Afterwards, we came home and swam in the pool with lots of friends. Yesterday, we went to a place called Monkey Joe's. It's a huge place with lots of inflatable jump rooms. The funny thing about this place was that they had 2 jump rooms for kids under 3, but Hampton was afraid to go in them. BUT, he was not afraid to go down the slides that were probably 10-15 feet high!! He was a little daredevil! He zipped down the slides so quickly that it was hard to get a picture of him. Katelynn Tucker was my life-saver and helped me keep him entertained since they wouldn't let adults on the slides. Since he picked the "big kid" slides, he had to do it himself. Thankfully, she was there to help him out. Anyway, here are are some pictures of our eventful week...
Katelynn, Kristen, Nathan & Hampton playing in the splash park

Katelynn and Hampton

So much fun!!

Shannon and me on the beach

Katelynn and Hampton

Hampton checking things out

Hampton exploring our backyard

Kristen and Lily

Nathan and Dylan

Katelynn helping Hampton climb the ladder for the slide at Monkey Joes.

Zipping down the slide!!

Mommies just hanging out (trying to stay sane - it was LOUD!)

Hampton and his buddy Katelynn

Katelynn and Hampton in the tall jump house

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