Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What's new? Not much.

There are not a lot of new and exciting things going on in the Usher House. But since I haven't updated in a while, I thought I'd post. Hampton is talking a LOT now! He picks up new words everyday. He is learning people's names too. That is so cool! This morning, he was looking out the window at our pool guy calling "Abel!" So cute.

This weekend, we had fun playing in Hampton's "new-to-us" tent. Lexie even got inside!! The pictures are a little blurry, but you'll get the idea.
I have accepted the role of Nursery Supervisor at our church. It has been demanding but lots of fun. We rearranged the nursery and implemented the use of several forms and policies. So far, everything has been well-received and seems to be working well.

Hampton has been having sleeping and bedtime issues lately. For a while, he was screaming when we'd put him to bed. When I say screaming, I mean SCREAMING (it's a wonder the neighbors didn't call the police for abuse)! He got over that, and now for the last couple of nights, he has awakened in the night crying. Last night, I brought him to our bed, and wow! I don't want to do that again! He stayed awake for an hour after coming in the room, and then he flails and flops around like a wild horse! Neither Clint nor I slept well last night. And he woke up SO early this morning. Tonight will be a battle, but I must be strong and break this cycle. UGH.
At the end of this month, we'll be flying to Birmingham for Erin and Caleb's wedding. We can't wait to see everyone. Lots of people in Clint's family haven't seen us in a long time - long before we moved. So it'll be good to catch up. Mom and Dad will get to come too to see us before we have to fly home. It'll be a short trip, but we're looking forward to it.
I think when we get back, it'll be time to revisit the "potty training" topic. We'll see...

So maybe we DO have a lot of NEW going on! I guess with an almost-two-year-old, there's always something new!

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  1. He is sooo big! Raileigh went through the same thing at night. She still does it from time to time but it is not an every night thing so hopefully "baby Handsome" will let you get some rest. We love and miss you guys!