Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Two Great Videos-Hampton TALKS!

(PAUSE the music on the playlist on the left before viewing videos)

I have a couple of videos to share with you that are just cute. The first one was last Sunday, and Hampton was sticking his tongue out and doing weird things with it. You also get to hear him say "all done," which he says after meals (usually only when prompted).

I captured another great video of Hampton this morning. He's learning to nod his head YES, and as you will see he does it with great enthusiasm! He almost has to hold on to something so he doesn't fall over! He also says a few "real" words here too - "YEAH" and "BYE". I almost cut it off too soon at the end, but you'll hear it! Unfortunately, you get to hear his nasty cough that he's had for a few days too.



  1. I love the enthusiasm on the head nod! Adorable. I think its so cute when they start talking!!! He's getting SO big!