Wednesday, November 5, 2008

He gets cuter every day!

I've never posted a video before, but I thought I'd try my hand at it. I put Hampton in the shower with me this morning since he didn't get one last night. After getting him completely ready, I started getting ready, and before I finished drying my hair, Hampton was dozing off and bumping his head on the bouncy seat I had him in. It was so cute. His hair is long enough now that I have to style it with gel and hairspray. It looks so cute when I get done! (Unka Jerl would be proud!)

The next video is of Hampton "dancing" with his friends Aubrey and Hannah. They come over a lot and are great friends. Hampton always has the best time playing with them - as you can see. He's just started this "dancing" thing when he hears music or anything with a rhythm. It is too funny! We're not sure where he got it because neither Clint nor I have an ounce of rhythm in our whole bodies! But Hampton can keep with the beat pretty good...too cute!

That's all for today - sharp hairstyle, cute dancers, sleepy fella.


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  2. Lindsay, notice that he's in the seat that you gave me. I can't believe he still uses it, but I NEED him to! It's a place I can put him where he can't go anywhere. But I know my days are limited on using it!